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threadless tees

2008-04-05 08:08:48 by Tokumo

I reacently joined the comunity based teeshirt network threadless, so far I have only submitted one design, but please check it out and vote on it! 82/Create

threadless tees


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2008-04-20 09:38:29

i got your easter egg.


2008-04-20 09:41:02

I found your easter egg =D


2008-04-20 09:45:35

found ester egg!


2008-04-20 09:49:01

I found the easeter egg..

PM me if you need proof of where it is.. I dont want to give it away


2008-04-20 10:29:01

I found the easter egg...


2008-04-20 11:47:05

Hey, I didn't know where else to leave this message, but I found the easter egg in your game... it was just the reg screen with your message and a bee that had a crown. Found it by accident tbh, anyways, just thought I'd let you know.