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2008-03-25 14:00:37 by Tokumo

I know that this will probably sound stupid, but I was just wondering, how does a toon/game get it's own series? For example the another day series,does there have to be a certain number of episodes of a particular toon before it gets it own series? I was just wondering...( I want Obie to be a series!)

pleeeeeeeeease give me some feedback, as I really want to know!



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2008-03-25 15:42:31

I know It's not relevant, but I just wanted to say, you do very good flash movies for a 13 year old! I'm thirteen and my animations aren't half as good as yours are! Well good luck with your series anyway!

Tokumo responds:

thankyou very much!


2008-04-02 11:39:01

I was wondering did you do any courses to learn flash or self thought it. I think you should make a longer episode of odie. Then there might be a series.